What we offer.

Counselling Services in Worcestershire, Talk Together Counselling

Our Ethos

Sharon places her relationship with you at the heart of her work and so tailors the sessions to suit your needs, using a range of techniques. What really matters is the ability to develop a working relationship based on complete confidence, trust and acceptance.

At its heart counselling is about listening, being heard and really understood. The time spent with a counsellor is unique and may be the only time when you don’t need to hide feelings away, dress them up or worry about how others may react or be affected.


This is your time and this gives you the chance to really explore what is going on for you. It is this unique relationship, and the opportunity to really be yourself, that makes the difference.


Counselling provides the opportunity to be heard and to make changes.


Counselling is not about giving advice or telling you what to do. It is the Counsellor’s professional objectivity that can help you to make profound changes in your life and be happier.



Counselling Services in Worcestershire, Talk Together Counselling